Thursday, June 14, 2012

Well, it is not easy typing with a bandaged finger but I wanted to post about this week.  On Tuesday, we returned to the tomb area and started uncovering the tomb.  So far, we have completely filled two “bone bags” and will probably start on a third tomorrow.  The bones are from at least two people but we don’t know if they were buried together or just found in the same area because the tomb has been destroyed.  We also don’t know who destroyed the tomb but it could have been the Romans.  We are finding grave goods that are typically buried with females such as loom weights and the bronze mirror that was found last week.  Yesterday, I found a very interesting bronze cup that I will post a photo of later.  I also found a glass bead and today we uncovered pottery pieces that compose an Etruscan tea cup.  (not sure that the Etruscans drank tea – only saying that’s what it looks like.)  We also removed one of the craniums today and we’ll remove the other tomorrow.  Yesterday, I uncovered a “jaw” with two teeth still in tact so if both craniums still have their faces and jaws, then we will know that there are now at least three people buried in the general area where we are digging.  On one hand, I hate that we are handling / disturbing someone’s final resting place but on the other hand, whomever destroyed the tomb left the bodies strewn about so at least we can try to re-assemble them again and show them some respect.

I am exhausted and ready for some recovery time this weekend.  I have blisters and bruises and I am a dead skin factory.  My finger is better – I changed the bandage today but I look forward to removing the bandage all together. 

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