Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11th - Monday
We had new volunteers and students arrive last night so they had to sit in orientation this morning while only a few of us left for the site.  I continued to work on Carolina's wall all morning and the space is very tight between the wall of the structure that Carolina has uncovered and the outer perimeter wall of the site.  I have to trowel between the rocks that have become "glued" to the wall with old dirt, etc.  The dirt is very hard and I frequently have to use the trowel like a pick or hammer and just before lunch, I managed to slice my middle finger open.

Carolina insisted that she drive me to the hospital in Piombino so I ended up spending the afternoon there.  They cleaned it very well and decided to use steri-strips instead of stitches to close the wound.  They gave me an antibiotic and also looked at my right eye while I was there.  I had a tetanus a year ago so I did not have to get another.  They wrapped my middle finger in a bunch of gauze then put a white fishnet thingy over it.  I can't get it wet for a week.  It doesn't hurt - just an inconvenience.  Actually, there is much more discomfort with my right eye but the doc said it's just irritated and gave me some drops.

I'm planning to work tomorrow but we'll have to wait and see.  I'm definitely going to have to buy/wear a better pair of gloves!  I bought a new camera in Siena this past weekend so I hope to post some photos for you guys very soon.

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