Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fortunately, the weather has been better over the past few days and we have spent this time cleaning up the site for the final aerial photo.  Wednesday morning, Stefano handed me a bucket and a whisk broom and said, "And now, we clean" and asked me to start in the upper left hand corner of the site and brush up all the sand and loose pebbles.  I looked at him and said, "I'm going to need a bigger broom."  I cleaned all day Wednesday until my back could not take it any more then switched places with Melissa for an hour to wash pottery.  On Thursday, EVERYONE got on site with whisk brooms and continued to clean until the entire site had been swept.  After the aerial photo was taken, we continue to dig in Carolina's area and did not stop working until 4pm on Friday.  We have uncovered so much but we have also have uncovered more questions.  I really look forward to returning here and working with Carolina and her staff again.

On my way to Pompei for two days then Rome then home.  Almost out of internet time so I will quit for now and post more later - hopefully some photos as well.

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